Geography of Abetopia

Abetopia consists of a colony of about 10,000 people, spread out into two sections. The first section is the main city of about 8,000 located inside a dormant volcano. The city is constructed on a base over top a body of warm water at the bottom the volcano that is supplied by geysers. The warm water creates a warm temperature for the city as well as condensation over top which results in a tropical jungle biome inside the volcano.

The air outside the volcano is toxic. This is managed with large air filtration units that surround the farmland in a ring. These units suck in air and remove most of the toxins. much of the remaining toxins are absorbed and removed by the trees. Any remaining toxins are completely removed in the moist air of the volcano making the air for nearly the entire colony completely safe to breath. those who live outside the volcano can live normal lives with minimal consequences but are encouraged to wear a breather mask. One can leave this city through tunnels in the volcanoes walls which exit to the surrounding farmlands which supplies the colony with food.  The remaining few thousand inhabitants live here. The crops consist of genetically modified fruit trees that perform a wide array of functions to the colony.

Fruit are designed to be ultra enriched with essential nutrients such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. The trees can be made to produce a wide variety of fruits on demand by chemical injection. Livestock is deemed a frivolous waste of water and resources for simple proteins that are much easier obtained through plants. Livestock has so place in Abeltopia and therefore it is a vegetarian colony. Engineers however have designed plants that mimic a wide array of meat flavours and textures ( ex: pepperoni pears, bacon berries… ).

The crops are watered by irrigation from the water in the volcano which is pumped out. The colony cannot control the weather but have their fields irrigated with a complex hot water irrigation system. Watering tubes with sensors connect to the roots of trees which give.The sensors give feedback the exact amount of optimal water is needed to keep the plant in maximum efficiency. This keeps the plants from entering dormancy and keeps them growing year round even in winter. The trees have no leaves as  they have been engineered to function in symbiosis with an energy producing bacteria. The bacteria live in large nodules that hang from the tree. They produce  energy for the trees while the trees give them their hot water. The bacteria also produce bio-luminescence. The result is fruit trees with what appears to be large glowing nodules hanging off of them.

Labour and harvesting is done by hand. This occupies the inhabitants and helps them feel connected to the land. Harvesting and farm labour is divided out to those who wish to live the country lifestyle, as well as new survivors who wish to join the Utopia. Any other shortages are filled with a rotation system from the citizens in the city. Waste is processed into ultra rich black sludge which is sprayed outside of volcano with hopes rejuvenating new land for expansion and crops. Spreading and maintaining the sewage and fertilizer system is assigned to social deviants.

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