Government of Abetopia

A team of 7 bioengineers were stationed at their research lab in the local natural park, conducting ecological research on the genetic enhancement of plants, trees, and symbiotic organisms when rogue missiles (the result of WW3 over crude oil, fresh water, and fertile cropland) impacted a government uranium cavern. The 10,000 survivors gathered at a minimally damaged local University and scouts soon discovered the bowl amassed to no more than 100km. The bioengineers educated survivors about reestablishing and maintaining life, resources, and health, but over time a government was needed. A hybrid system emerged; elected candidates competed in 7 tests of skill, strength, endurance, wit, creativity, morality, and dedication to manage social matters of Education, Law, Public Policy, Festivals, Division of Labour, Social Security, Library and Hospital services, and Civic Reconstruction. It was agreed that government would confer on all matters with the founding team of experts and if society rejected its leader anyway, they may call a re-election.

A 7 tiered education system was born: 1) everybody, including children ages 5 – 10 learn basic education, farming and labour training.  2) Merchants/Trades, 3) Professionals/Technicians, 4) Artists/Writers, 5) Educators/Policy Makers, 6) Scientists/Engineers, 7) Government/Civic Duty. Levels require one year of book learning before advancing, or apprenticeships with field experts until mastership of the chosen field is achieved. Farming requires hard work, but is a very important and respected. Every member of society is trained with this skill first and every 7 years will take his/her turn spending 1 year in crop tending, unless they choose farming as their occupation. Everyone can pursue all levels until their 18th birthday, when they are expected to work in the field of their chosen achievement.

All the equipment and literature from the University is brought to Abetopia where they investigate their newly formed homeland and form a plan of settlement: year round growth of genetically optimized plant-based food; perfect recycling; complete decomposition of waste into nutrient balanced “Black Goo” soil for farming; irrigation system that pumps treated wastewater from city to cropland from 4 stations around the bowl; genetic splicing of plants from a seed bank to create nutrition-perfect super plants injected with a variety of enjoyable flavours; flesh cloning to heal injury and disease and make vaccines; breeding air purifying and energy combusting bacteria that live symbiotically in all the plants and clean decontaminate the environment from radiation pollution. Once the desired goals are achieved, the processes operate with ingenious synergy and productivity so that nothing goes to waste and no one is without.

Crimes consist of only 4 categories: killing; Interfering with crop growth or societal development; pollution; and knowingly causing harm (assault, neglect, abuse). Crimes are treated biochemically like sicknesses and perpetrators are hospitalized in the finest institutes while their social handicap is diagnosed and treated with counseling therapy, drugs, and genetic transmutation of brain matter to enhance their brain capacity for understanding, emotional sensitivity and social empathy, resulting in harmonious reintegration within society without social stigma.

Misconducts are handled by publicly elected mediators who determine the fairest resolution if a satisfactorily solution cannot be reached without intervention. They include: unintentional harm or injury; neighborly disputes; accidents and disagreements are mediated if they. Either party may seek one second opinion if unsatisfied with the mediation, but otherwise holding a grudge or exacting revenge is considered a crime of interfering with social development, resulting in hospitalization.

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