Spirituality of Abetopia


There are two Gods – Light “Brillio (Male), Water”Moselle” (Female), who provide and sustain all life and beauty through the soil, which they fortify together. They do not believe in the slaying of any creature, great or small for sustenance. They do not have any kind of organized churches or day to recognize their deities, but rather are aware that the gift of the gods is recognized in everyone and everything. The way they show their grace and thanks to the gods is my maintaining and caring for the land and all that dwells within it. Only during the time of Festivals, do they say thanks as a society to the gods, followed by a great potluck feast.

Elections for Leader

Elections are done democratically with a vote from the people’s consensus after an Olympic Style games and competition takes place. The competition takes place over the span of two growing seasons, beginning on the 1st of May of the year they are running for leader. Competitors must complete a series of tasks which demonstrate their ability to be a good and fair representative of all the people, for the betterment of the people. Each task must be done solely by the representative, and each task being in the interest of the preservation and betterment of the people as a whole.
Once they are voted in to be leader, they move into the “Egg”, which is just a nick name given to the building because of the curvature and color of the building’s design; somewhat ovular in shape and constructed of large bricks made from white, worn down sea shells and concrete. The home is located centrally geographically. The home is large enough to house enough of the support staff. They must consist of 3 men and 3 women as the representatives of each department. Each member must have a past with the leader (educated together, worked together, lived together, etc.) for at least 2 years before they can even be considered. The departments are categorized similarly to the areas of education.
Both men and women may compete for leader

The list of tasks to compete in consists of:
– Complete planting, growing and harvesting of enough food to endure one winter for 50 people. Part of this also included educating children of methods and process.
(This demonstrates capabilities in the areas of farming and laboring, Educating, sense of community, connection with nature and with the art form of science)

– Participate in erecting a home from the ground up, with the help of a team of his or her choice; concentrating their energy and mind in one area of trade they excel at. (This demonstrates trades skills and capabilities, sense of community, laboring, self-awareness, dedication)

– They must be able to generally diagnose and treat minor and major injuries within the trained capabilities of a paramedic.
(This would demonstrate dealing with high and fast paced crucial decision making. It would show an awareness of what a body needs and the limits it has. The training would result in the competitor having a closer connection to science and art of the body)

– They must demonstrate some type of Art form skill or area of interest. This task is meant for all to enjoy and take part in. It is the last task of the competition and more symbolic than judged. A festival (Festival of Dreams) takes place.
(This would demonstrate bravery, imagination and a closer look at the competitor’s sense of self and what their dreams represent. This task holds little in the sway of the vote, as most competitors choose humor or recognition of celebration as their muse.


Every __ years, the Festival of Dreams takes place after an election for a new leader.
There are 12 annual festivals each year falling on the first of each month and lasting one day. Each festival represents a different part of what Abetopia stands for and what the citizens hold most valuable to their way of life. Each festival consists of 2 main rituals; recognition and giving of thanks to the Gods and the earth at the beginning and closing ceremonies of the event (which is the only time religion is present during the festival), and a Potluck. The rest of the events depend on what that respective month represents. (Games, music, food, and dancing, singing, speeches all occur in each festival, just to a different degree each time)
Alcohol does not exist or craved by anyone as it has evolved away from society from lack of producing it. Instead there is a special plant called Luna-Berry plant, that blooms and produces fruit four times a year on the days of the harvest festivals. Its effects when eaten heighten the senses and cause brain function to enhance innovation, artistic appreciation and happiness. There are no addictive properties or harmful side effects. The berries taste like blueberries but sweeter.


People are basically Autonomous or self-governing, so they are free to do as they please. Although many know of the traditional conformist practices of marriage, they are evolving away from it. People still partner and family units are created, however “marriage”, and its social constructs hold little or no merit.
Men and women perform both traditional masculine and feminine domestic roles.
Children live with their parents but are nurtured by all.


Both the natural world and self-expression are valued highly, with the assumption that most people do not want to sacrifice the land or damage their personal right to self –expression by acting shamefully towards the land or anyone living within it.


Work, Education and class are all directly related. Your education directly determines your class, which in turn determines your work or contributions to society. However, even if the educational requirements for the highest status are attained by the age of 18 (when it becomes mandatory to begin autonomous work effort for the betterment of the whole), every individual must start at the lowest status, and each consecutive status after, for a minimum of two years in each. In this way, knowledge, appreciation and respect, as well as equality being maintained amongst all the various citizens and their classes in society.
A certain quota or requirement and standards of work and production are expected.


All types of leisure, fun and exercise are organized in Abeltopia. People enjoy competitive sports, obstacle courses, reading, sunbathing, running, cycling, reading, cooking, craft work, designing clothes and jewelry.
Leisure is second to work and responsibility for contribution to the society, but quotas and not unreasonable, to allow for adequate time for leisure and rest for all members of society.
There are special days reserved for festivals and entertainment etc. which are for everyone to enjoy as a day of leisure together of they so choose. These help to promote unity, respect, cooperation and intermingling between the various classes. However, they are all secular, as religion is a private and personal matter, and these events are meant to include and benefit everyone equally.

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