Abetopia’s Story


The year is 9 PA – Post Apocalypse. The cause for rebirth was nuclear, but the details are ambiguous. What began as whispers of theory have become origin stories. Some say it was Capital expansion of the West into China that provoked it; others claim it was merely an accident of transportation; others still claim that it was completely natural and the Earth herself committed an act of revolt against the forces seeking to destroy her. However, it is generally accepted that the truth of it all is irrelevant; the essential point is that the human race has been given an opportunity to completely redesign society and reconstruct the world in which it lays, through minds shaped by hindsight of what was, ingenuity for what is possible, and abundant in the confidence of their abilities for creation and hope for humanity to rise to the new standard of life.

The exact location is unknown. In fact, its entire existence is uncertain for those who are on the outside. “Abetopia” has become a reason to live, to push forward, and to endure. It is a universal destination goal – a paradise that is sought out at every expense. With the exception of a few idealists who are resolute in their belief that there may be something better still out there somewhere, no on leaves Abetopia once they have found it, and thus only a few accurate accounts exist which have been distorted by interpretation, barriers of communication, and endless retellings. Despite uncertainty, the belief that there is a light, however small, somewhere amidst the dark and barren wasteland of the endless world is enough to inspire and give purpose to the wandering remains of existence.

Due to a geographical phenomenon, Abetopia was raised from the Earth during the Apocalypse, and rests a top a volcanic-like structure, allowing the society to exist – both physically and metaphorically – separate from, and above, the rest of the world. One important detail – which may attribute itself to the convenient location of this geographical phenomenon around one of the world’s leading institutes for bioengineering and science and technology, or simply fate or divine intervention – is that a few prominent scientists survived the nuclear outbreak and found themselves atop this newly formed land mass together, with their lab coats on and their lab kits in hand, as if they had merely been inconvenienced by the end of the world on their way to work. Rather than complaining about the disruptions to their revolutionary research, they simply agreed to amalgamate their supplies and adapt their applied work to recreating the essentials for life.

What began as an amusing project to occupy their time, turned into an ambitious goal for creating a new and perfect world in its entirety. Thus, everything that exists in Abetopia has been artificially created in an idealized form. The streams and lakes are naturally purified by the algae growth, and enhanced with minerals by the rocks. The trees and plants are lush and bear abundant fruit through all of the seasons, and are strong enough to endure every extreme of weather. The air is filtered and restored to optimal oxygen levels for superior synaptic growth and functioning in the brain. All resources are renewable and eco-friendly. Ideas for improving and recreating every aspect of the natural world are constantly in motion and being expanded; therefore, science and technology are not just important for the founding of this society, but for its continued existence.

Threats from Outside World:

As the biggest of threats – being the Apocalypse – has already occurred, there is very little threatening Utopia. Any survivors that stumble upon its existence may join the society under the conditions that they assimilate into the society and continue to adhere to the expectations of the society. However, if these conditions ever become unbearable, any member may leave Abetopia to continue their desolate and empty search for something better.

Some of these deserters leave without a fuss, but there are a few who attempt to gather a following to revolt against Abetopia in favor of a more anarchist way of life within the society. These problematic individuals are very easily dispelled of, and often with little or no damage. However, there is always the uncertainty that once they leave, they will not abandon their ambitions for taking over Abetopia, and that one day they will return with the masses and technology necessary for achieving their goals.

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